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Photos of Pittsfield Township & More »

Photographs of Pittsfield Township Area & More

Part of the shoulder bike route to Saline on Maple Road.
Riding from Saline on the Maple Road bike route.

The Lohr Road Greenway goes through a wooded area.
Riding on the Lohr Road Greenway.

Part of the Lohr Road Greenway.
Running on the Lohr Road Greenway.

Riding along the Platt Road Greenway.
The Platt Road Greenway passes Lillie Park.

The northern part of Lillie Park has scenic trails.
A playscape and path near the parking area at Lillie Park.

One of the trails in the southern part of Lillie Park that goes through the woods.
Riding on a trail at Lillie Park.

Playing soccer at Lillie Park.
The trailhead for the grassy trail at Pittsfield Preserve.

Part of the Scarlett Mitchell Nature Preserve trail.
Geese at Scarlett Mitchell Nature Preserve.

A woodchipped section of the trail at the nature preserve.
A squirrel at the Scarlett Mitchell Nature Preserve.

Walking on the paved path as Southeast Area Park.
One of the ball diamonds at Southeast Area Park.

The restrooms and playscape at Marsh View Meadows Park.
Marsh View Meadows has a trail through a wooded area.

The southern part of the Pittsfield Preserve Trail.
Wildflowers next to the Old Hickory Trail.

The Old Hickory Trail is used for hiking.
The start of the Prairie Park Trail.

A robin on the Prairie Park grassy trail.
Prairie Park has a nice playscape.


The Prairie Park trail loops around a pond.

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