Walled Lake Area Trails and Bike Routes
The community of Walled Lake is located on the north side of beautiful Walled Lake. In the area, there are several paved trails and bike routes, as well as a lengthy mountain biking trail system.

Walled Lake Area Trails

The M-5 Trail is a wide paved trail that can be used for biking, jogging, roller-blading, and walking. The trail is approximately two miles long on the west side of M-5, located between Maple Road and 13 Mile Road. It connects to a gravel trail at Robert H. Long Nature Park and to a paved path along 13 Mile Road. The best place to park to access the trail is at Robert H. Long Nature Park, on the north side of 14 Mile Road.

Robert H. Long Nature Park has a gravel trail that offers scenic views of ponds and wildlife. The trail is less than a mile long, but it connects to the M-5 Trail, which enables you to do a mile long loop from the parking lot. There is a port-a-pot near the parking lot.

Lakeshore Park in nearby Novi, near the south side of Walled Lake, has trails for mountain biking and hiking. The main trail system can be used by both bikes and hikers and totals about two miles. There is also a single-track mountain bike trail that is over two miles long and has several loops. You need to drive to the back of Lakeshore Park to access the trail, which starts near the southwest end of the parking lot. Lakeshore Park also has a beach on Walled Lake, playground, and picnic areas.

In Walled Lake and Novi, you'll find several roads with paved paths and sidewalks that are commonly used for biking, walking, and jogging. The paths along Novi Road, 13 Mile Road, and Meadowbrook Road are commonly used. The paved path along 13 Mile Road connects to the M-5 Trail. In the fall, the trees along the paths are very colorful.

Walled Lake Area Bike Routes

Along Walled Lake Drive and Lake Drive, there are bike routes that offer scenic views of Walled Lake. The bike route along Walled Lake Road uses bike lanes, and the bike route along Lake Drive uses a bike lane and paved paths.

More in the Walled Lake Area

There are two public beaches on Walled Lake, Mercer Beach on Walled Lake Drive and Lakeshore Park Beach on Lake Drive. Both are nice spots to cool off in the summer.

In Walled Lake, you'll find several restaurants to choose from, including Dairy Queen, KFC, McDonald's, and Wendy's.

A popular shopping destination in the area is Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi.

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