West Bloomfield Trail and Nearby Paths Map and Information
The West Bloomfield Trail extends approximately 4.25 miles through West Bloomfield Township, Orchard Lake, and Keego Harbor before connecting to the Clinton River Trail. It is an unpaved trail with a dirt and crushed limestone surface. The West Bloomfield Trail passes through wooded areas and offers access to shopping and restaurants along Orchard Lake Road. The trail is a popular route for biking, walking, and jogging. During the winter, the trail can be used for cross-country skiing.

The western trailhead is located at West Bloomfield Woods Nature Preserve, which is on Arrowhead Road. Parking and a portapot is available at the trailhead. West Bloomfield Woods Nature Preserve has an unpaved nature trail that starts at the south side of the parking area, with a section of the trail looping to the east to connect to the West Bloomfield Trail. The Nature Preserve's trail meanders through a dense wooded area that features wetlands and a few steep hills. The Nature Preserve's trail has informational markers with facts about nature, but it doesn't have much in the way of directional signage, which means you'll want to pay attention to avoid getting confused or lost.

The eastern trailhead is at Sylvan Manor Park, off of Woodrow Wilson. From here, it becomes the Clinton River Trail, which goes northwest to Pontiac, Auburn Hills, and Rochester. If you continue on the Clinton River Trail, you'll want to take a slight detour when you get to Orchard Lake Road in Keego Harbor. Since Orchard Lake Road is so busy, you'll want to go east on the paved path/sidewalk along Orchard Lake Road to the stoplight at Middlebelt Road and then cross the street there. You'll then need to follow the sidewalk on the north side of Orchard Lake Road back to the Clinton River Trail.

Pine Lake and Orchard Lake are not far from the West Bloomfield Trail. Both are beautiful lakes that are used for water sports and recreation.

Other Paths in the Area

The paved paths and sidewalks along several roads in the area are very popular for biking, jogging, and walking. The paths can be combined to make routes of varying lengths. See the Map page to download a map of the area paths.

The longest paved paths are located along Orchard Lake Road. The path on the west side of Orchard Lake Road goes about four miles, from Walnut Lake Road to 12 Mile Road. Orchard Lake Road has several shopping areas and many restaurants, so the road can be very busy.

If you want a less hectic route, the sidewalk along Long Lake Road is a good choice. The route starts at Orchard Lake Road and goes over three miles east, passing the beautiful Kirk in the Hills Presbyterian Church.

The sidewalks along 12 Mile Road in Farmington Hills pass several historic locations, and there are historical markers located close to the sidewalks where you can learn about the locations. The sidewalk on the north side is continuous from Middlebelt Road to Haggerty Road, but the sidewalk on the south side is missing from the area near the Soccer! Soccer! complex, located west of Drake Road. There are benches located next to the sidewalk in a few spots.

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