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Cities Connected by the White Pine Trail

The Fred Meijer White Pine Trail extends from Grand Rapids to Cadillac. The trail is shown in green on the map to the right.

You can reach the trail from Grand Rapids by using the trail at Riverside Park and going north to Park Street, and then following the path on the north side of Park Street to the White Pine Trail. It is paved from Comstock Park to Sand Lake and from Big Rapids to Reed City, and then paved from LeRoy to Cadillac. In other sections, the trail is either gravel, ballast, or dirt/grass. The non-paved sections can be extremely challenging at times for bicycle riders if your bike isn't equipped to handle rougher conditions and possibly grass.

From the Russell Road Staging Area, which is north of Rockford, to Cadillac, snowmobiling is allowed.

Starting at Cadillac and going south to Comstock Park - Approx. Distance in Miles

City Distance to Next City Total Distance from Cadillac

Cadillac 11 Miles 0 Miles

Tustin 4.6 Miles 11 Miles

LeRoy 6 Miles 15.6 Miles

Ashton 8 Miles 21.6 Miles

Reed City 6.5 Miles 29.6 Miles

Paris 6 Miles 36.1 Miles

Big Rapids 9 Miles 42.1 Miles

Stanwood 6.3 Miles 51.1 Miles

Morley 6.8 Miles 57.4 Miles

Howard City 5.4 Miles 64.2 Miles

Pierson 2 Miles 69.6 Miles

Sand Lake 6 Miles 71.6 Miles

Cedar Springs 7 Miles 77.6 Miles

Rockford 4 Miles 84.6 Miles

Belmont 4 Miles 88.6 Miles

Comstock Park 2 miles 92.6 Miles

Grand Rapids -- 94.6 Miles

Starting at Comstock Park and going north to Cadillac - Approx. Distances in Miles

City Distance to Next City Total Distance from Comstock Park

Grand Rapids 2 Miles 0 Miles

Comstock Park 4 Miles 2 Miles

Belmont 4 Miles 6 Miles

Rockford 7 Miles 10 Miles

Cedar Springs 6 Miles 17 Miles

Sand Lake 2 Miles 23 Miles

Pierson 5.4 Miles 25 Miles

Howard City 6.8 Miles 30.4 Miles

Morley 6.3 Miles 37.2 Miles

Stanwood 9 Miles 43.5 Miles

Big Rapids 6 Miles 52.5 Miles

Paris 6.5 Miles 58.5 Miles

Reed City 8 Miles 65 Miles

Ashton 6 Miles 73 Miles

LeRoy 4.6 Miles 79 Miles

Tustin 11 Miles 83.6 Miles

Cadillac -- 94.6 Miles

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