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Photographs of Detroit, Michigan

Detroit Photographs »

Downtown Detroit Photographs

  Detroit RiverWalk

Detroit RiverWalk 0

Detroit RiverWalk 1

The Detroit Riverwalk passes the Gateway to Freedom sculpture at Hart Plaza.
The Detroit RiverWalk is a wide paved trail along the Detroit River.

Detroit RiverWalk 2

Detroit RiverWalk 3

The Detroit Princess Riverboat is docked near Hart Plaza and the Detroit RiverWalk.
The Detroit RiverWalk along Atwater Street near Orleans Street.

Detroit RiverWalk 4

Detroit RiverWalk 5

Wheel House Detroit at Rivard Plaza is along the Detroit RiverWalk.
Bike lane on Atwater Street.

Detroit RiverWalk 6

Detroit RiverWalk 7

Detroit Riverwalk near the Omni Detroit Hotel.
Omni Detroit Hotel.

  Campus Martius Park

Campus Martius Park 0

Campus Martius Park 1

Campus Martius Park has a beautiful water fountain.
Campus Martius Park has a bandshell and gathering area in the summer.

Campus Martius Park 2

Campus Martius Park 3

During the winter, Campus Martius Park has a popular ice skating rink.
Michigan Soldiers & Sailors Monument at Campus Martius Park.

  Gabriel Richard Park

Gabriel Richard Park 0

Gabriel Richard Park 1

Gabriel Richard Park has plaza and pavilion along the waterfront.
Gabriel Richard Park also has an open green space.

  Grand Circus Park

Grand Circus Park 0

Grand Circus Park 1

The striking female defender statue at Grand Circus Park is dedicated to Russell A. Alger.
Another part of Grand Circus Park.

  Hart Plaza

Hart Plaza 0

Hart Plaza 1

Hart Plaza, named for Senator Philip A. Hart, has several scupltures and statues.
The statue of Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac commemorates his landing on July 5, 1701.

Hart Plaza 2

Hart Plaza 3

Hart Plaza's cube shaped sign is located near the front of the park.
The "Gateway to Freedom" sculpture was created by Ed Dwight and recognizes Detroit's role in the Underground Railroad.

Hart Plaza 4

Hart Plaza 5

View of skyscrapers from Hart Plaza.
Horace E. Dodge and Son Memorial Fountain.

  Milliken State Park and Harbor

Milliken State Park and Harbor 0

Milliken State Park and Harbor 1

Boat slips at the William G. Milliken State Park and Harbor.
Picnic area at Milliken State Harbor.

Milliken State Park and Harbor 2

Milliken State Park and Harbor 3

Beautiful circular stone work.
The lighthouse is viewable from the picnic area.

Milliken State Park and Harbor 4


William G. Milliken State Park and Harbor Lighthouse was completed in 2004 and stands 63-feet tall.

  Maheras-Gentry Park

Maheras-Gentry Park 0

Maheras-Gentry Park 1

Maheras-Gentry Park has several baseball diamonds.
Picnic shelter at Maheras-Gentry Park.

Maheras-Gentry Park 2

Maheras-Gentry Park 3

The trail bridge at Maheras-Gentry Park has nice views of the Detroit River.
A small white lighthouse on the Canadian side of the Detroit River is visible from Maheras-Gentry Park.

  Mariner's Park

Mariner's Park 0

Mariner's Park 1

Windmill Point Lighthouse is located at Mariner's Park in Detroit.
There are a few benches with nice views of the Detroit River at the park.

Mariner's Park 2

Mariner's Park 3

The Detroit River.
A large grassy field is located at the front of Mariner's Park.

  More of Detroit

More of Detroit 0

More of Detroit 1

The "Spirit of Detroit" was created by Marshall Fredericks and dedicated in 1958.
The People Mover is part of Detroit's commuter system.

More of Detroit 2

More of Detroit 3

Robert Graham's sculpture "The Fist" was created in honor of boxer Joe Louis.
The Fillmore Detroit, formerly the State Theater, regularly presents concerts.

More of Detroit 4

More of Detroit 5

Ford Field is home of the Detroit Lions
The Detroit Tigers' home field, Comerica Park.

More of Detroit 6

More of Detroit 7

The Fox Theatre is a very beautiful venue for watching live performances.
Another view of downtown Detroit.

More of Detroit 8

More of Detroit 9

A snowy day in Detroit.
Detroit's Music Hall.

More of Detroit 10

More of Detroit 11

The Detroit Opera House.
The Gem Theatre.

More of Detroit 12

More of Detroit 13

Downtown at Grand River and Woodward intersection.
General Motors World Headquarters and the Renaissance Center.

More of Detroit 14

More of Detroit 15

A statue of George Washington is located near the Old Mariners' Church.
Old Mariners' Church of Detroit has served the maritime community and Detroit residents since 1842. The church was referenced in Gordon Lightfoot's song "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald."

More of Detroit 16

More of Detroit 17

There are many historical markers located around downtown Detroit, recognizing individuals, organizations and accomplishments of historical significance.
The Wayne County Building is a beautiful structure and was completed in 1902.

More of Detroit 18


William Livingstone Memorial Lighthouse is located on the east end of Belle Isle.

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