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Maps of Parks, Trails, and Attractions in Grand Ledge, Michigan

Maps of Parks, Trails, Historic Spots & More in Grand Ledge »

Maps of Grand Ledge, Michigan

View maps of trails, parks, historic locations, restaurants, and more in Grand Ledge by clicking a link for the online version (GIF) and PDF version. PDF versions are full-page maps, saved at a higher resolution.

Grand Ledge Map - small map
  Grand Ledge Map (Online version)

Grand Ledge Map (PDF)

Parks included: Fitzgerald Field, Island Park, Jaycee Community Park, Oak Park and Ted Boughton Soccer Field.

Trails included: A paved trail that connects Jaycee Community Park and Island Park. Along the north side of M-43, there is a paved path.

Also shows historic locations, restaurants, and more.

Fitzgerald County Park Map - small map
  Fitzgerald County Park Map (Online version)

Fitzgerald County Park Map (PDF)

Fitzgerald County Park has several picnic shelters, ball fields, large playground, and skate park. The park has several hiking trails.

The map also shows the bike lane along Jefferson Street.

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