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Photos of Grayling, Michigan

Grayling Area Photographs »

Photographs of Grayling

  Hartwick Pines

Hartwick Pines 0

Hartwick Pines 1

Hiking at Hartwick Pines State Park.
Hartwick Pines State Park sign.

Hartwick Pines 2

Hartwick Pines 3

Trail near the picnic area.
The picnic area at the state park has several tables.

Hartwick Pines 4

Hartwick Pines 5

Hartwick Pines has several trails for hiking, biking, and cross-country skiing.
The park offers relaxing nature trails.

Hartwick Pines 6

Hartwick Pines 7

Many trail markers have park maps to show you where you are within the park.
The Visitor Center at Hartwick Pines.

Hartwick Pines 8

Hartwick Pines 9

A paved trail stretches from the Grayling city limits to Hartwick Pines.
Fishing at Bright Lake and Glory Lake requires a 'All Species' fishing license, and you can only fish at the lakes during trout season.

Hartwick Pines 10

Hartwick Pines 11

There is a boat launch at Glory Lake.
Glory Lake is a beautiful lake on a sunny day.

Hartwick Pines 12

Hartwick Pines 13

Another photo of the trail from Grayling to Hartwick Pines.
Part of the fishing pier at Glory Lake.

Hartwick Pines 14

Hartwick Pines 15

A photo of the hiking trail from Glory and Bright Lakes to the campground.
Bright Lake is also beautiful on a sunny day.

Hartwick Pines 16

Hartwick Pines 17

Lilly pads on Bright Lake.
The fishing pier on Glory Lake.

Hartwick Pines 18

Hartwick Pines 19

Another view of the trail to Grayling's city limits.
Cyclist using the trail to Grayling.

  AuSable Park

AuSable Park 0

AuSable Park 1

AuSable Park is located near downtown on the AuSable River.
The park has a large picnic shelter.

AuSable Park 2

AuSable Park 3

A portage area at AuSable Park for kayaking or canoeing.
Playground at the AuSable Park.

AuSable Park 4

AuSable Park 5

A view of the AuSable River from the park.
A small rapids at the park.

AuSable Park 6

AuSable Park 7

AuSable Park restrooms building in winter.
The bridge across the river.

  Beal Plantation Historic Park

Beal Plantation Historic Park 0

Beal Plantation Historic Park 1

Beal Plantation Historic Park is on the location of farm once owned by Professor Beal of the Michigan Agricultural College (now MSU).
The park has a short hiking trail with educational markers located at periodic intervals.

Beal Plantation Historic Park 2

Beal Plantation Historic Park 3

The sign near the front of the park.
41 kinds of trees were planted at the plantation in 1888.


Grayling 0

Grayling 1

Grayling has bike lanes on many of its streets.
The Chamber of Commerce is located next to AuSable Park.

Grayling 2

Grayling 3

A view of downtown Grayling.
Some of Grayling in the winter.

Grayling 4

Grayling 5

Grayling's musuem is the old railroad depot.
The museum in winter.

Grayling 6

Grayling 7

Grayling is a major hub for canoeing and kayaking, and there are several spots to rent a canoe or kayak.
Another of the canoe rental locations.

Grayling 8

Grayling 9

Hanson House Bed and Breakfast is an historic spot in Grayling.
More of downtown Grayling.

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