Hancock, Calumet, Laurium, and Lake Linden Trails & Bike Routes
From Hancock, recreational routes lead north to Calumet, Laurium and Lake Linden—historic mining communities on the Keweenaw Peninsula. Cyclists and snowmobilers can do a circle tour of the area, heading north to Calumet and looping back to Hancock.

The Jack Stevens Rail Trail, a 14-mile trail that extends from Hancock to Calumet, can be used by mountain bike riders, snowmobilers, and hikers. The trail is paved in Hancock and becomes gravel/dirt north of Hancock. The trailhead in Hancock is near the Portage Lift Bridge, and the trailhead in Calumet is south of M-203.

In Calumet, snowmobiles can follow a trail to just north of Laurium; when the trail forks, snowmobiles can go north towards Ahmeek or go east/south to Lake Linden, Hubbell, Tamarack City, and Hancock.

For bike routes, cyclists can use paved shoulders along M-203, US-41, or M-26 for scenic rides across the Keweenaw Peninsula. The shoulder along US-41 is mostly four-feet wide north of the Quincy Mine to the Calumet area. There are spots along US-41 where the shoulder has short grooves near the vehicle lane. On M-26, the shoulder is four-feet wide for the most part; you may pass parked cars along the side of the road in Lake Linden, Hubbell or Tamarack City. The shoulder on M-203 between Calumet and McClain State Park is narrower, between two or three feet. Near the State Park entrance the shoulder goes away, but you can ride along the side of the road to the drive into the park.

McLain State Park

On the far western edge of the Keweenaw Peninsula, F.J. McClain State Park is a recreational getaway with spectacular views of Lake Superior. The park's hiking trail winds from the picnic area through the woods, along the Lake Superior shoreline to the west side of the park. The Keweenaw Waterway Upper Entrance Light Station can be seen from the park's swimming beach and hiking trail.

For a map and more details, please see the Calumet and Laurium Parks & Trails section.

More About the Region

Copper mining was a booming profession on the Keweenaw Peninsula for many years, especially during the mid-to-late 1800s. While the boom times have faded, many historic sites remain for visitors to experience, including the Quincy Mining Company Historic District near Hancock and the Keweenaw Historical Park in Calumet. Other places to visit include the Coppertown USA Mining Museum in Calumet and the Houghton County Historical Museum in Lake Linden.

For hungry travelers, Calumet, Hancock, and Houghton have several restaurants near their downtown shopping districts. Laurium and Lake Linden have fewer choices, with most located in the downtown areas of the small communities. For lodging, Calumet has a few small hotels; Laurium has bed and breakfasts for overnight stays, including the historic Laurium Manor Inn. Hancock and Houghton have small, family-owned hotels and brand-name hotels.

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