Munising - Marquette Bike Route Map and Information
Using the wide, paved shoulders along M-28, bicycle riders can travel from Munising to Marquette. The route offers beautiful views of Lake Superior and covers approximately 43 miles from downtown Marquette to Munising. The wide shoulders on M-28 are generally greater than 4-feet wide, except when a passing lane is added to the road, which shrinks the shoulder. Remember to obey traffic laws and use caution when riding next to the road. When M-28 meets US-41, you can ride on the paved path next to US-41 to downtown Marquette. The paved path is part of the extensive trail system around Marquette.

There are numerous scenic turnouts and roadside parks along the bike route. Most of these have a restroom/port-a-pot and picnic facilities.

There are also casinos, in Christmas and a few miles east of US-41, along the route if you're a gambler.

The Munising area offers many recreational choices throughout the year for those who love the outdoors. The Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and Grand Island National Recreation Area are only a short distance from Munising. The town has many restaurant and lodging options, with most accessible from M-28.

Marquette is the Upper Peninsula's largest city and is home to Northern Michigan University and the Superior Dome. The charming downtown area has many historic buildings, including the Marquette County Courthouse, where President Theodore Roosevelt won a libel suit in 1913 and which served as a setting for the film Anatomy of a Murder.

Along the lakeshore, Marquette Harbor Light Station, the Picnic Rocks, and the old iron ore loader at Marquette's marina are unique spots worth seeing.

There are many restaurants and stores in downtown Marquette and along US-41/M-28. Marquette has several hotels, such as Comfort Suites and Holiday Inn, along US-41/M-28.

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