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Other Parks and Trails

  • Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti Trail - A paved trail along the Huron River can take cyclists, walkers, and joggers from Ypsilanti to Ann Arbor.

  • Dixboro - Plymouth Bike Route - Cyclists can ride between the two communities.

  • Chelsea Walking Routes - Chelsea's walking routes will take you through downtown and past many historic locations, including Chelsea's beautiful Clocktower.

  • Kiwanis Trail - The trail goes from Adrian to south of Tecumseh. The paved trail for biking, walking, and jogging is about 8 miles long.

  • Hines Park - Beautiful park in Wayne County with a trail that extends from Northville to Dearborn Heights.

  • Flat Rock Trail - Flat Rock has a 3+ mile bike trail that winds along Gibraltar Road and southeast to Rockwood.

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